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kansaspatzer 14 ( +1 | -1 )
What is re-entry at a tournament? I'm looking at a tournament and it says that you can re-enter on the second day with a half point bye. Exactly what does this mean?
far1ey 15 ( +1 | -1 )
Doesn't it just mean you are in the tournament as a normal contender except instead of playing a game in the first round, you get a half-point bye instead?
fmgaijin 96 ( +1 | -1 )
Not Quite, Far1ey! Some large tournaments offer different choices of schedules. For example, you might have an event played over 4 days with a first option of playing two rounds each day. However, they may also offer the option of a 3-day schedule where you play 4 rounds on YOUR Day 1 (other players' Day 2), playing only against other players on that schedule for the first day and then rejoining the rest of the players on their Day 3 (your Day 2) and play 2 rounds/day for the last two days. In such cases, some tournaments will offer a "reentry" option where, if you didn't like your Day 1 results, you may drop out of the 4-day schedule and reenter on the 3-day schedule with no penalty. (BTW, IMHO this tends to favor very strong players because it is unlikely that they will be upset twice . . . ). Longer tournaments may offer 4 or more different schedules and one can reenter again and again as long as your money holds out!
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zenbum 66 ( +1 | -1 )
Clarification Isn't the primary purpose of multiple schedules to accomodate working folks who can't make it to the first round(s)?

fmgaijin writes:
"IMHO this tends to favor very strong players because it is unlikely that they will be upset twice"

Wouldn't a half-point bye favor anyone who had lost their 1st round, since they'll get a half point instead of no points? I'm assuming the simplest case, where you can re-enter beginning in the 2nd round. Seems to me that it essentially allows you to buy a half point. One could say that it favors very *wealthy* players. ;)

zenbum 115 ( +1 | -1 )
far1ey I think you're right, in the case that kansaspatzer was asking about. And fmgaijin was right too, but he was talking about larger, longer tournaments.

The most common type of tournament -- in my neck of the woods anyway -- is a 5-round swiss that starts on Friday evening. At some point in the distant past, to accomodate players who couldn't be there on Friday due to work schedules or whatever, they added the option of just playing the last 4 rounds with a 0.5-point bye for the first. If you take that option then you've probably ruled yourself out of winning your section, but you'll still get to play 4 rated games. Then at some point in the evolution of all this, players complained that the 0.5-point bye was unfair. So they added the re-entry option. I haven't played in OTB tournaments for a while so I don't know what the current "state of the art" is, but I suspect it's gotten even more complicated. Gotta keep up with all those casinos, after all. ;)

That's my understanding anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong.
kewms 127 ( +1 | -1 )
Half-point byes and re-entries are not the same thing.

Re-entries are possible when an event has several different schedules for the first few rounds. If you lose in Round 1 of the 4-day schedule, you can start fresh in *Round 1* of the 3-day schedule. Your previous score is erased, and you start out on exactly the same footing as the people who enrolled in the 3-day schedule to begin with. (Except your original Round 1 opponent gets to keep the point. From his point of view, it's as if you'd withdrawn. Plus you are out two entry fees.)

Half-point byes give you the option of skipping a round (or more) for any reason. People use them if they can't make a Friday evening round because of work, if they don't want to play on Sunday for religious reasons, or whatever. Using a half-point bye is a calculated risk if you think you might be in contention for a prize: it's better than a loss, but worse than a win. In my experience (as an observer, not a TD), they have very little impact on the final prizes since winning a large Swiss usually requires a near-perfect score.

It's possible to combine a re-entry with half-point byes.

Exact details of all this are pretty much up to the tournament organizer. If you don't understand the tournament announcement, ask before signing up.

kansaspatzer 8 ( +1 | -1 )
Thanks, I think I understand what was meant in this specific instance now.