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ccmcacollister 8 ( +1 | -1 )
Blitz Chess ... Here, there or anywhere ... anything re blitz. How bout some games!
ccmcacollister 141 ( +1 | -1 )
My reason ... for starting a blitz thread this time ... Often players have asked if it is good to play blitz, and how much etc. I am one that generally feels it is beneficial to do. But mostly I play just because it is a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, I have come across the down side lately, I think. I dont mean the numerous insecure users of profanity at blitz, who are always so startled to find they did not lose a game, and cannot resist the Impulse to become boorish ...
No I refer to the other downside of lots and lots and lots of blitz. It seems to me my otb game is weakening, as I start to Expect the kind of Gifts that one always receives at fast time controls. Whether of material, or just the multi tempos that so often are wasted. And I think I am playing weaker from it, in longer timed games. My last tournament might point to that too, tho there were also health issues involved (and blacking out while your clock is running would be a disaster anyplace but England ... where the fine gentleman you are playing will actually wake you up .... albeit, just to finish you off awake! :)
That is the only otb play ive done in over a year tho, mostly, and so perhaps it will be a simple matter of seeking some tougher and slower competitors!? I'm hoping so! Any suggestion welcome! Have you had this experience ... of startting to expect inferior play, and it hurting your own?
ccmcacollister 33 ( +1 | -1 )
Oops ... I meant for this to go into the CHESS FORUM, but mixed them up. I vote to move it to there. If you agree, would you please vote to move it there instead? Tho it is possible, perhaps even likely that mention of GK (aka Brain Blitz) blitz may appear here. What? It has already ... ESP !??!
Regards, The (other) Prophet